A world beyond paradise. Bucket list for you.

About us


a world beyond Paradise

                                This project is conceived to offer you best of both the worlds...

                                                   by bringing,the  natural goodness

                                  of Kashmir, Kargil, Ladakh and Jammu  to your door step, 

                                  and to take you onto an adventurous yet soothing journey

                                                          to the land of Paradise                                                             

                                  from where we source , all our fresh and natural  products.  

                                     With the ongoing crisis and a higher focus on health and wellness,

                                            our endeavor is to offer you the best natural products of

                                              Kashmir, Kargil, Ladakh and Jammu that are essential\

                                                      to build your immunity and make you strong.

                                      Founder of I N D U S has widely travelled the length and breadth of

                                              Kashmir, Kargil, Ladakh and Jammu and she connects with

                                   the growers and farmers to directly source the native natural endowments, 

                                                                                     for you.

                                   Our promise is to bring you quality local produce and a good value for money

                                     at your doorstep while helping the home growers, farmers and native tribal

                                                           to be sustainable and improve their lives. 

                                                     Experience  I N D U S  and feel healthy and alive

Travel with  ‘ I N D U S   


   Join us to experience and enjoy the unmatched majestic beauty of Kashmir and Ladakh.  

    Whether you wish to trek to stunning Alpine Himalayan high altitude lakes,

     bike through some of the highest motor-able roads in the world, experience authentic

           Kashmiri  wazwan,enjoy a picnic amidst the apple and cherry orchards,

          spend a night- star gazing and camping in the hills,

         bathe in hot thermal springs, river rafting, go trout fishing 

   visit ancient palaces and monasteries,

      experience a desert among snow-capped mountains,

      visit the last of the Aryans or

 stay with locals and experience first- hand, their food, warmth and  culture!

          We at Indus,  have it all  for you.

       Travel with us, but not as a tourist. We shall take you on the roads less traveled,

           showing you the true beauty of yesterday and today’s real Kashmir and Ladakh,

          unknown to many.

          Offering you a custom experience every time,

                 each season of the year, for a holiday of a lifetime and we promise

                you will never have enough of it...

                                    Reach out to us at I N D U S                     

                  to organize events, weddings and just about anything

                 at picturesque locations and

                               world famous venues all around Kashmir, Kargil, Ladakh and Jammu.